Look at your bookshelf.

How many books do you have about any given topic – love, leadership, personal development, finances, business, mysteries?

Your bookshelf is helping me to make the point I want to make today.

You see, there are many aspiring authors who tell me they haven’t written a book because there are too many other people who have written about the same topic.

Here is what I tell them…

Look at your bookshelf.

No doubt, you have multiple books on the same topics. As I look at mine right now, I can easily locate multiple books on leadership, marketing, business, publishing, and I quickly lose count of the numerous books on personal growth and development.

The point is that even if someone else has written about a topic, you can STILL write about it. That’s because NO ONE has written about it the way you will. No one has had your experience, or the unique background which you will bring to your story.

And why do you read multiple books on the same topic?

Because you learn something new from each person’s unique perspective and experience.

Your readers will do the same.

In addition, a good predictor of what an audience will care about is a look at the topics in which you have multiple books. If you have multiple books on the same topic, then your readers most likely will, too. And now yours will be another one they can put on their shelf.

All this is to say — don’t worry about writing something that has already been written. Your point of view will make it unique, and the information you provide will be valuable to those who choose to read