Toned 4 Life

by Andreya E Tornes

My goal with this book is to help both struggling entrepreneurs and those who are still dreaming of becoming successful small business owners. As a bodybuilder and owner of a thriving fitness studio, I have achieved that gratifying state, and learned a lot in the process. Now I feel obligated to share my experience in the hope that it will make life easier and success more readily attainable for you than it was for me. If you are looking for the secret to success in your life, you will have to look elsewhere, for I have no secret to share. What I can and will share are simple, effective ways to get you off the frustrating treadmill that keeps you busy but doesn’t get you anywhere. If you want to learn practical ways of dealing with the never-ending hurdles that life invariably puts in your path to success, then you are reading the right book.