Teen Book Project

Getting your teen to reach for their dreams…

Your teenager has dreamed of writing a book and this is the perfect time for them to take steps toward reaching their goal.

They can use a book to help them get into college, to keep them focused and motivated, and to do something productive during this quarantine. 

The Scriptor Collaborative Book Project could be their solution to becoming a published author.

This project will allow up to 20 teenagers to become best selling authors.

Each participant will complete one chapter of the book which means the time commitment is greatly reduced and more do-able than undertaking an entire book writing project.

It is also the trifecta of group book writing.

It brings a group or teenagers together to write about what is important to them, to create an impact on their community and to give back.

Each author contributes as a team:

  • Choosing the book’s theme.
  • Writing one chapter per author.
  • Deciding on the charity that 100% of the book’s profits will go to support.

There is an application process and your teenager will need to be willing to stick to our timelines and be a team player. In return we will guarantee they will become a best-selling author. We will give them everything they need to write, edit, market and experience the publishing process. 

Simply put… We will coach your teen to success.

Sunday, May 10th at 5pm EST/4pm CST/2pm PST
to get all your questions answered and to find out what this process involves.
Register below and we’ll send you the Zoom information.