Scribbles: Living Your Life Outside The Lines

by Chris Simning

May 2, 2021 | Books, Education, Self Help

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Scribbles is an autobiography that shares the story about taking the broken pieces of living life with a rare muscle and nerve disease and discovering purpose in the face of what many people would dismiss as tragic.

Chris Simning writes about celebrating the scribbles of his existence through exploring life’s small blessings. His miraculous journey is one that interacts with his faith, which has ignited a personal revival that has caused his story to encourage hearts worldwide.

This book focuses on finding peace by taking our scars of brokenness and transforming them into distinguishing marks that inspire. It’s a story that chooses freedom to turn life’s unfortunate circumstances into treasures, creating from the artistry of those misshapen pieces called your scribbles to live life fully.

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Chris Simning

Chris Simning


Chris Simning is a remarkable storyteller. He has a personal story to share that is timeless and compelling, endearing him to people of all ages. What captivates his audiences worldwide is not just his voice, but rather the manner in which the Lord uses his platform to share about the reality of brokenness, the provision of God in the midst of it, and the resiliency of the Gospel message in what may be deemed tragic. His hope in Jesus has ignited a passion in Chris to speak about the experience of finding purpose in the midst of a life filled with challenges.

Chris is not a disabled speaker but a speaker who just so happens to have a disability. His story provides hope in a world that seems bleak, and encourages people who need to be inspired by the faithfulness of the Lord, Who is with us even when His presence may not be felt. His zeal for the Bible, not to mention his humorous personality, is contagious. Chris speaks to churches, retreats, and youth conferences nationally as well as internationally.