Mindful Athletic Performance: Winning the Game On and Off the Field

by Various Authors

My whole life, I was an athlete. I played football, basketball and baseball in high school and went to William and Mary on a football scholarship. After college, I played professional football overseas, which was when I got injured. Looking back, it’s easy to see how that injury became a game-changing moment in my life. Although it meant that I was no longer going be a professional-level athlete, it also led me to the realization that I wanted to work with athletes. Today I work with some of the world’s best athletes including NFL MVPs, MLB and NBA All-Stars, Super Bowl champions and Olympic gold medalists. One of the things I learned as I recovered from that injury was that mindset means everything. Getting your mind right is what allows you to overcome any adversity.

Authors: Greg Justice, Debbie Roberts, Nathan Yamnitz, Davis Justice, Art Still, Joe Drake, Jenn Waller, Kelli Watson