From Paperback to Audio

Your book has been published!


You are holding your paperback book in your hands.

Now what?

Now, it’s time to add an audiobook.

From Paperback to Audio is the way to get your written word into the audio world, the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. This program will help you fast-track the process to include prepping, recording, post- production and publication of your audiobook.

Here is how we take you From Paperback to Audio:

We have partnered with one of the best audiobook recording studios in the country, Verity Productions.

One of the reasons they are so good is because of the preparation they provide for you to get your audiobook completed. We even provide you with an Author Prep Guide that contains everything you need to do and know before you the recording even begins!

Who will read my book?

In most cases, we encourage the author to read their own book, but don’t worry, if that doesn’t interest you, we have many casting options and professional narrators available to do the work for you.

What is included:

Once you arrive you will be assigned a Director who will be with you to help you stay on track and make sure everything records smoothly.

Production includes the recording and editing of the audiobook. No matter what part of the process you want to do, Scriptor and Verity will make sure it is done right.

What happens after the recording is completed?

Once the recording is completed, the final touches happen in post-production. From editing to fix ups to getting your book up on, we will make sure the book is completed and the very best it can be.

After the recording is complete and all editing has been done then we will upload your book to Audible and take care of all of the details including artwork and finishing touches.

The moment you hear your book with your own ears is as exciting for us as it is for you!

What about travel and lodging?

We’ll provide lodging for you about a mile from the studio and will even make the reservations if you wish.

You’ll need to make your own travel arrangements.

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