Dear Her: Letters to Teenage Girls and Young Ladies About Lessons Learned Through Education, Athletics, and Life

by Leslie Trujillo, Deanna Cordova, and Kimberly Jones

We give our girls syllabi and curriculums for their education. We make them playbooks for their athletics.

What do we give them to support their growth through life?

This book is a collection of experiences and wisdom to help girls with navigating all of it: school, athletics, and life.

Women share letters on what they would tell their younger selves or another young girl about the journey; this book will remind you of your power and that you are never alone.“That is exactly what DEAR HER is… A group of women who gathered their tools, put them in a place where others can see them and turned on the light bulb of decision.

Their voices are passionate, strong, and experienced. As I turned each page, I was so grateful for these women sharing their stories. I could feel them taking up space in my mind and in my heart. I wanted to wake up my 13-year-old daughter and read these essays to her. I wanted to listen to her and see where she may have wasted some seconds to let in some unkind, unnecessary, and untrue thoughts; and then find a way to ease them out.” –Nicole Ari Parker, actress and Gymwrap creator