Collaborative Book Project

Working together to make an impact is the name of the game for you.

You have always wanted to write a book and at this point in your life you don’t have the time to commit to write it the way you know it needs to be done.

Maybe you aren’t even sure where to start and having a few helpful hands on deck is exactly the motivator you need to jump-start your writing.

You could use a book to help elevate your credibility and generate additional revenue streams in your business. 

Since each person is only responsible for a single chapter the time commitment is greatly reduced and more do-able than undertaking an entire book writing project.

This could be your solution to becoming a published author. 

The Scriptor Collaborative Book Project is one of our favorites.


Because it’s the trifecta of group book writing.

It brings the Scriptor community together to create books that help you market yourself, change lives and give back.

This project will allow 10 people to become best selling authors. Each participant will complete one chapter of the book. As you complete this project, you will establish yourself as an expert, boost your credibility and build your professional reputation. You will also be able to use this book as a promotional item and marketing tool for your business.

Each author contributes as a team:

  • Choosing the book’s theme.
  • Writing one chapter per author.
  • Deciding on the charity that 100% of the book’s profits will go to support.

Each author receives:

  • 10 copies of the book
  • Lifetime ability to purchase the book at author’s cost (vs retail)
  • Credibility and prestige in their industry

There is an application process and you’ll need to be willing to stick to our timelines and be a team player. In return we will help you meet your objective of becoming a best-selling author. We will give you industry knowledge, functional skills such as strategic planning, brainstorming, writing, editing, marketing, along with experience in the realm of writing and publishing We will make sure this project goes from beginning to end resulting in the publication of this book.

Simply put… We will coach you to success.

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You still can’t skip steps but this is a quicker, more effective way to get your book published.

This program is designed for consultants, executives, entrepreneurs who are ready to publish their dream book.