Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book?

Believe it or not, if the answer to that question is YES, you’re not alone. When I was 5 years old, I hand-colored my first ‘book’ on Steno notepaper and called it, “My Sick Day.” Then I proudly presented it as a gift to my grandmother and announced, “When I grow up, I am going [...]

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Writing What Has Already Been Written

Look at your bookshelf. How many books do you have about any given topic – love, leadership, personal development, finances, business, mysteries? Your bookshelf is helping me to make the point I want to make today. You see, there are many aspiring authors who tell me they haven’t written a book because there are too [...]

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The Fear is Real

There is a moment, as a published author, when you have to take the words you have written privately and put them out into the world for the public to read. The mere mention of that idea might make you shudder. That’s because it can be one of the scariest and most vulnerable moments you [...]

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  • " Passion and Beliefs about your services and products. "

  • " When you stop buying your own excuses , you will stop meeting people that are selling you their own excuses. "

  • " You can just be a SECRET and a SUCCESS at the same time. "

  • " If you are not doing marketing using videos then you are not reaching your potential. "

  • " You do not need to become a speaker, but you can use speaking as a secret marketing weapon for your business and services. "

  • " Your competition is not somebody in your industry but all the noise and distractions that keeps your potential clients to get to know you. "

  • Self Publish or Traditional Publishing

Is Self-Publishing For You?

Before we answer that question, let’s first consider the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Traditional Publishing Most people are familiar with traditional publishing. This refers to the standard system of getting a ‘book deal’. You submit your manuscript to a publishing company with the hope they accept it. If it is accepted (usually after [...]

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The 3 Keys To Writing A Good Story

One of the most common questions we get from authors is how to write a story that will make people want to read it. There are many fears underlying that question. Is my story worthy of sharing? Will people be interested in reading what I have to write? Can I write well enough to become [...]

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2 Easy Steps To Become A Self-Published Author

Having talked about the entire book writing experience, let’s now shift our focus to self-publishing. Since it’s very hard to get a publishing deal if you aren't famous or a renowned author, you can follow the self-publishing route. As mentioned above, traditional publishing deals are very hard to come by today which is why you [...]

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