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2 Easy Steps To Become A Self-Published Author

Having talked about the entire book writing experience, let’s now shift our focus to self-publishing. Since it’s very hard to get a publishing deal if you aren't famous or a renowned author, you can follow the self-publishing route. As mentioned above, traditional publishing deals are very hard to come by today which is why you [...]

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5 Easy Action Steps To Write Your Own Book

Before you can self publish, you must write a book. Here are the most crucial steps to consider. 1. Set deadlines If you are really serious about writing and publishing a book, you must have deadlines. For instance, you must have a first draft by a certain date, second draft, final draft etc. Setting deadlines [...]

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Then…And Now: What It Takes To Become A Published Author in Today’s World

Let’s face it! Gone are the days when authors send their book ideas to publishers, get hefty advances to start writing and almost instantly find themselves on the bestseller list. Publishers today are more demanding. For instance, you need to have a huge following i.e. on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter before [...]

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