Author Accelerator

We know that you’re a go-getter.

Want to know a little secret? We are too.

That’s how we know that “our kind” likes to know that we’re using our time wisely and finishing what we started. Sure we can be the hardest on ourselves, but give us a little motivation to keep us advancing toward our finished goal and we’re good to go.

That’s why the Author Accelerator is made for you.

It’s built to keep you moving forward instead of spinning your mental wheels. The small acts of progress that you’ll make will have your finished book in your hands (and ours!) before you know it.

No more aspiring author talk.

It’s published author all the way.

The Author Accelerator program gives you the convenience of a daily writing and accountability coach right in your pocket.

This is the app that keeps you on track with daily motivators, reminders, and progress reports to make sure that you finish your book without the stress of overwhelm and self-doubt.

In 30 days, this easy-to-follow app will have you:

  • Check in each day
  • Follow the action steps provided
  • Remain consistent with your progress
  • Receive daily points when you check-in to keep you accountable
  • Publish your book!

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You still can’t skip steps but this is a quicker, more effective way to get your book published.

This program is designed for consultants, executives, entrepreneurs who are ready to publish their dream book.