Before you can self publish, you must write a book. Here are the most crucial steps to consider.

1. Set deadlines

If you are really serious about writing and publishing a book, you must have deadlines. For instance, you must have a first draft by a certain date, second draft, final draft etc. Setting deadlines is important because it helps you avoid wasting time. Considering the nature of typical authors, it is possible to write a book for years if you aren’t serious.

2. Outline your book

After setting deadlines, you need to create an outline. You can do this easily by thinking about what your book intends to solve or discuss and break down this information into small sections. You can use the introduction, body and conclusion format to start outlining your book. As you move down towards the body, think about your book’s purpose and write that down.

3. Write your book

You can start writing after you have an outline. Since everyone has a different voice, you need to bring that out clearly in your book. How do you do this? Well, the answer is simple; write how you speak. Guided by your outline, expand what you want your book to address. You can tell stories, give examples etc. Just make sure you give your content your own voice.

4. Rewrite

When writing a book, the initial drafts are a mess. You must keep rewriting them to create a perfect continuous flow. Rewriting also helps you add humor, stories, facts etc. to make your book more factual, interesting and authentic. You must repeat this step severally until you are satisfied with what you have written. Alternatively, you can get someone to rewrite the book for you. You should also give your book out for reading to get valuable feedback.

5. Hire an editor

After the book has been rewritten and read by many people, you can hire an editor after making the final changes. You shouldn’t use your aunt or spouse as an editor for obvious reasons. You need a true professional who will add that magical touch to your book to make it attract many people, get people talking etc. If you want a good book, you must hire a professional editor. It’s as simple as that. Although professional editors are seen as an unnecessary cost, they add priceless value to books. Also, most professional editors have valuable connections, which are crucial for any book to succeed. After handing over your book to a professional editor, the only thing you have to do is wait and publish.

Writing a book requires some time and planning, but it can be done. If you would like to learn more about this process, click the button below for a FREE 7 Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Own Book.

FREE 7 Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Own Book