One of the most common questions we get from authors is how to write a story that will make people want to read it. There are many fears underlying that question.

  • Is my story worthy of sharing?
  • Will people be interested in reading what I have to write?
  • Can I write well enough to become a published author?

The answer to those questions is an emphatic YES!!

You just need to learn the 3 keys to writing a good story.

1. Be Vulnerable

This is one of the hardest parts of becoming a good writer – being vulnerable. It requires that you share your story from your heart, that you dig down into the emotional elements of your experience and that you write from that very vulnerable space. This can be very scary!

After all, who really wants to air their emotions for the whole world to read?

Who really wants to share their failures and flaws?

If you can overcome the fear and write from your most authentic self, you will capture the reader. That’s because they, too, have flaws and have experienced their own failures. When they read about yours, they can relate to you and it draws them into your story.

2. Expose the Conflict

The conflicts that we face are our challenges. These are often universal as well, and that is why it is important to draw the reader into them. Help them understand the various sides of the story. Expose the difficulties that you faced. If it’s done well, this can be the part of the story that keeps the reader engaged. Ultimately, they will want to discover your resolution.

3. Share Your Lessons Learned

The best part of any story is how it resolves. How were the challenges overcome and what were the lessons learned? As you share your experiences, the reader has an opportunity to learn from you. In this way, you have the chance to help others who are struggling as you did.

Using these 3 key elements in your writing will make your story worth reading.