Having talked about the entire book writing experience, let’s now shift our focus to self-publishing. Since it’s very hard to get a publishing deal if you aren’t famous or a renowned author, you can follow the self-publishing route. As mentioned above, traditional publishing deals are very hard to come by today which is why you should consider doing it yourself. Below are some of the most crucial step to consider when you want to self publish you book.

1. Design your book professionally

The book cover is more important than most people think. This is precisely why you should go out of your way and look for a professional designer to design the book. Most professional cover designers design covers and format books so you shouldn’t worry about additional costs of having both tasks done separately. There are very many professional designers online so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one.

If you don’t want to hire a professional designer, you can design your book on your own using readily available tools only. Websites like CreateSpace.com; Amazons publishing company offer numerous resources for formatting and designing books. You can use these resources to come up with a professional book design on any theme you can think off. CreateSpace has very many templates and PDFs that are capable of guiding your throughout the process.

2. Get your book on Amazon.com via CreateSpace.com

Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest bookstore out there. If you want to get your book out virtually, Amazon is the best platform to use. Amazon set up CreateSpace solely to help people get their books, videos, DVDs out there without having to go through traditional routes i.e. using traditional publishers and distributors. CreateSpace is therefore the best and easiest platform for authors who want to bypass the tedious and disappointing process of finding a good publisher.

CreateSpace has plenty of help sections that outline everything you need to know about self-publishing. There is therefore no need to spell everything out here. You can simply go to the site and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to self publish your book. CreateSpace offers numerous benefits. For instance, you don’t need to pay a dime to get your book printed. Also, you don’t have to worry about customer service, storage etc.

In summary, writing a book and self-publishing couldn’t be easier today. After going through the above steps you shouldn’t have a problem writing your book in record time. Of course, if you still need some assistance, we are here to help. You can continue learning by downloading our FREE 7 Step Guide to Self-Publishing below.

Free 7 Step Guide to Self-Publishing